What makes a serious game?

Around two years ago, a little-known company called Riot Games introduced League of Legends into the computer gaming world. Clearly inspired by the insanely popular Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, many thought this game would simply be a standalone and updated version of that mod. They thought wrong!

From an incredibly lucrative Freemium business model to completely new game mechanics to serious investment in the eSports arena ($5 million this season), League of Legends may be standing on the shoulders of giant DotA, but it has also grown into its own. It joins the ranks in the new MOBA genre–Multi-player Online Battle Arena–as its own creative take on the game.

The following infographic (Source: Riot Games) simply goes to show how big such a new game has become in merely two years time:

League of Legends Infographic

League of Legends Infographic

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