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An Android App for the Talker/World Traveler

With all the downsides I hear about Skype, I am surprised little attention has been given to a very competitive alternative in Google Voice. With a free phone number, free voicemail dictation service, and free calling to and from numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada, people really should start taking advantage of this service. The audio and video call reliability is stronger than Skype, and you can use the service directly from G-mail! Extending on that service, GrooVe IP is an Android app that lets you harness the power of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to make dirt cheap calls from anywhere in the world.

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Taking Notes on Android

Today marks the release of an Android app that I’ve been waiting for since my college days. If you have ever explored the full breadth of programs that come bundled in most Office suites, you may have discovered the awesomeness that is OneNote. A virtual, searchable whiteboard notebook of sorts, OneNote is the best way I found to electronically catalog and organize my entire life. And now it’s available on Android! Honorable mentions to Catch notes¬†Google Keep and Google Voice Commands.

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Readers/News Aggregators for Android

In lieu of lengthy Android App of the Week posts, I decided to devote my time to creating quick and hopefully helpful compilations of curated apps for specific genres. There are many ways to keep up to date on your blogs, news, and other online publications. I will take a quick look at Currents, Google Reader, Pulse, and BeyondPod. I’ll also make a shout out to the “reddit is fun” app.

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