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Punish inaction, not failure

I enjoy volunteering in the local Scout Troop as a Crew Advisor to the young men. That being said, I am not so hardcore that I wear a uniform at every meeting, nor am I so lax that I like to push over rock formations in Goblin Valley just for kicks and giggles. I simply remember all the valuable life lessons I learned in Scouts and wanted to pay it forward by interacting with the local youth, encouraging them to develop responsibility and successful adult traits.

Yet one concerning theme I keep coming across in my interactions with these youth is something I call “Choice-averse” behavior. This goes well beyond the more commonly understood risk-averse nature some people tend to carry. These choice-averse natures don’t even play the game for fear of failure. It’s almost as if general expectations for youth have diminished to the point where society incentivizes inaction over pursuing any sort of serious challenge. But this issue isn’t present only among the younger generation…

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On Metrics and Goal-setting

Setting targets and goals for achievement in work and personal life is all well and good. They are, in fact, a useful method to quantify in some degree your effectiveness. However, there is a slippery slope of using metrics as a crutch. In my limited experience in the workforce, I have personally seen the power of metrics completely dictate the actions of employees. This works in conjunction with the desire to follow the path of least resistance (in an effort remain effective, of course?) to sometimes create unusual or undesired dynamics. Continue reading

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