Daily LoL #1: Nocturnal Surprise

To help me get back into writing more often, I’m going to force myself to write more about things I do daily. Since I’m actively participating in the AHGL for League of Legends (Adobe Team Captain!), I am practicing my skills on a regular basis to improve my team’s chances of winning money for charity. While I mainly focus on playing support, this game forced me into a Jungle role since I was close to last pick in the ranked queue (last pick means you fill out whatever roles need filling).

Feb 13 Nocturne WinOne of the reasons why I am generally good support is because I can play very well in reaction to thwart enemy aggression. Most other roles rely on good proactive plays to make things happen, especially with gankers like the jungle. Fortunately, I had a great duo queue partner in HaxsChao to set up some great gank opportunities. I went 5-0 pretty early on in the game, which let me rush a Warmog’s Armor and become virtually un-killable. It’s also funny to realize that I still do well in other roles besides support, even if it’s not my best role.



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