Daily LOL #2: Do ya’ feel lucky?

Even though I don’t post about my games every day, I do get a chance to play practically every day. This helps me practice and prepare for the Adobe team matches in the AHGL. I played this round today during lunch, and thus continued my branching out and playing different roles. I had hoped to make it through a promotion series to the Gold tier, and I still have enough time as of this writing, but we’ll see if I get enough wins in to make it happen.

This round I went in the AD Carry role with a pretty inexperienced Taric support versus a very aggressive Lux and Ezreal combo. From the earliest moment, Ezreal and Lux poked at us with bindings, slows, and mystic shots. Unfortunately, Taric took the brunt of the damage as I had my dodge maneuver to keep me safe.

Fortunately for me, Lux got too cocky with her aggressive plays, not realizing how squishy they both were. Once Taric got a stun on an over extended Lux, I was able to burst her down multiple times in the laning phase. I accidentally purchased an infinity edge instead of a bloodthirster as I had intended, but we were far enough ahead in the game that it worked out in the end.

Birthday Win Graves

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