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Two Major Updates for scdebugger.com (alpha)

The initial response and usage of my scdebugger.com tool has been fantastic! I am glad to see this service provide real value to those implementing SiteCatalyst on various platforms. While scdebugger.com was originally designed for implementations on Digital Home devices, this tool can benefit developers for any platform, including standard web implementations! Today, I am excited to announce two awesome new features for this services: XML debugging support and in-browser SDR mapping!

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Two Handy SiteCatalyst Tools

SiteCatalyst was my first love coming into the world of analytics, and while the last version of my site offered quite a few posts on the subject, my clean slate approach to the new website means I need to reiterate the helpful hints about working with Adobe SiteCatalyst. I recently created and updated two tools to help those who implement SiteCatalyst:

  1. ClickMap Debugger
  2. Data Beacon Analyzer

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