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Eric Andrew Hansen

Eric Andrew Hansen

So what’s up with the Chinese and the name of this site?

Well, it’s sort of a play on words. It speaks to two significant influences in my life. First comes Hai (pronounced like “high”), which is my chosen Mandarin Chinese surname when I served as a church missionary in Taiwan. That country, culture, and entire experience opened my eyes to a new view on life, and it has guided all of my future decisions since then.

Tech of course comes from my love of computers that started when I was a small toddler, learning the alphabet from the keyboards and breaking so many consumer electronics so I could better understand “how things work.” My interests are in all things tech, but I usually stick to the realms of computers, the Internet, and audio/visual gear.

Combine the two passions in life, and you come out with the title for my site and descriptor of my life: Hai Tech Eric.

But given all my life experiences, my tastes are incredibly eclectic. I’ve also enjoyed playing the violin since I was six, writing fiction/short poetry, skiing and racquetball, and watching good movies. So you’ll probably see a little bit of everything here.

My Work

Fortunately enough, my career path has fit my passion for technology, especially in the realm of product and project management. On the side, I help my wife in her web development business and provide consulting from a technical level up to product strategy. You can check out my resumé if you would like to learn more.

My favorite part about what I do is applying critical thinking skills to develop product and business strategies. Many characterize me as an out-of-the-box type of thinker, most likely due to my creative side and “hyper-active” imagination.

My Family

I am happily married to my technically-minded wife, Brittny, and we thoroughly enjoy life with our three boys and one girl.