CES 2016: Get Ready For It!

CES 2016 is just around the corner, officially opening on Wednesday, January 6 this year compared to Tuesdays in years past. I have gone every year since I started my post-university career except to attend the birth of my daughter. The Consumer Electronics Show is a lot to take in, and here is my quick guide to getting ready and making it through CES 2016 like a semi-experienced attendee, at least.

CES 2016

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Gaming Headsets: Some Great Over-the-ear Choices

I was recently asked about gaming headsets that are good for computers, extended use, and communication. Being an avid gamer myself, I have a decent amount of experience with full-featured headsets that are comfortable, high-quality, and work well for voice communications. Since it is so close to Christmas, I thought I would share my recommendations in case you are looking for a gift for your gamer friend, loved-one, or significant other… Continue reading

“Hey Jellyman, did you die?” -Squirt from Finding Nemo

Seriously, though. I am a total failure when it comes to regularly updating my site. This summer became super busy for me due to some craziness with work and some side projects that have kept me up late at night. Never fear, though, I should have some exciting posts coming up in the near future. I hope to be sharing an update on my first Pebble Watchface app, reviewing some technology, talking about travel to conferences, reporting on local ski adventures, and some cool new developments in the analytics space.

So stay tuned…

Where did you go?

Dynamic Tag Manager Adventures: Get Percent Page Viewed Plug-in

In the web analytics world, part of understanding how useful or effective your site pages are comes from how far visitors scroll down the page (a.k.a. the percent page viewed). This is particularly interesting for content producers like bloggers, news outlets, or any other text-based vertical. It does not matter how many people visit your blog post if most of them do not scroll far enough to see the call-to-action. How will you know if the content is not engaging enough or the juicy bits are regularly kept below the fold if you don’t understand how your site’s users regularly view the page?

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Peoplytics: A Plan to Implement User-Driven Analytics

In the near 10 years I’ve been in the analytics business, I’ve seen the industry grow and evolve from simple hit counters to advanced data mining techniques. In the past, where data collection and reporting has usually been very product-focused endeavor, today the more mature analytics practices have moved beyond simple site metrics. Understanding how many people visited your site might be nice to know, but the visitor doesn’t care much about how many other people came to the site. They care about a better experience and more convenience from start to finish, and not just when they visit your site. This requires something more complex and powerful than before. It requires User-Driven Analytics.

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