“Hey Jellyman, did you die?” -Squirt from Finding Nemo

Seriously, though. I am a total failure when it comes to regularly updating my site. This summer became super busy for me due to some craziness with work and some side projects that have kept me up late at night. Never fear, though, I should have some exciting posts coming up in the near future. I hope to be sharing an update on my first Pebble Watchface app, reviewing some technology, talking about travel to conferences, reporting on local ski adventures, and some cool new developments in the analytics space.

So stay tuned…

Where did you go?

This is the new face of my website. My last Drupal site got hacked, but I’d been meaning to do a site redesign anyway. Hopefully this iteration won’t be as neglected as my last site!

I will try to transfer over my older posts where possible, but that may take some time.

Hello world!