A short thought on the clashes between science and religion

I personally think scientific discovery and religious revelation aren’t mutually exclusive. Both have incredible merits when examined in the context of their own paradigms. Difficulties only seem to arise when religion attempts to perceive science in context of its own paradigm and vice versa.

i.e. Scientific inquiry is predicated on a set of tangible and reproducible assumptions, observations, and amoral standards.

Religious inspiration, on the other hand, does not adhere to the scientific paradigm in that evidence is not derived from easily observable criteria and carries huge implications for personal morality.

I would suggest that subscribing to both paradigms actually broadens one’s horizons, providing a much needed balance between skepticism and belief, observation and participation, etc. Trying to suggest one is better than the other is like saying one should eat fruit and no vegetables. Both are needed in a well-balanced diet of life.

At least, I feel like my life is better because I appreciate and value both paradigms for their distinct and unique merits. The incredible thing is how they both inform my understanding of each other, given the vast number of differences.

It reminds me of the time in high school when I realized how mathematical constructs could help me understand and manipulate the English language, two subjects that seemed a world apart at the time.

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