Never give up; always go right

When life comes at you again and again, you may feel like giving up from time to time. Encountering obstacles on the path to any major goal is a given, and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, difficulty, and despair can cripple you to a state of inaction. From one’s personal to professional life, inaction is the certain path to failure. Only by persistence, faith, and diligence do we ever have a hope of success. Maybe only gamers can appreciate this video, but I think the music and story depicted is truly inspiring:

[iframe 640 360]

On a similar vein, Forbes recently reported the young start-up Riot Games completely disrupted the PC games industry, and my congratulations goes out to them for making League of Legends the most played PC game in the world—more than World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Their example is one for all industries to follow: maintaining a true vision and leadership that isn’t focused on revenue or profits. Their tenacity and passion that permeated the fabric of the company culture has shown what any organization needs to have to become the best. Like the video above, they’ve dealt with challenges and held true to their vision. Good on ya, mates!

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