Taking the Violin Further: Lindsey Stirling

If any of you are avid YouTube browsers, you may have already heard of Lindsey Stirling. If you haven’t, just watch one of her most popular songs below and you’ll know why I like her style so much:

Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling

I love how Lindsey pushes the envelope with music, trying new and exciting combinations. This is something I enjoyed doing myself when I had more time to play with the violin. I am a big fan of the rising dubstep scene, but back in my high school days, it was all about the freestyle rap for me. The next clips were from ten years ago, where Frankie Doonan and I compiled some fun beat tracks and we both broke out improvisational music and rap. The first clip is from an Especially For Youth variety show back in 2003 at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL:

EFY 2013 Drops Bombs On Ya’ by Frank and Eric

Unfortunately, this is one of the last shows we did together before I went off to college, but during our time we played our songs on the local radio and in various places. Unfortunately, the only other recording I was able to digitize was from another talent show that did not have the best acoustics, but at least it gives you a taste of some of the other freestyle we did.

The Storm by Loc-Mob and BigE 😉

All in all, the production quality isn’t quite the same, but of course they also have 10 years of technology to help them, too. It was a really fun part of my teenage life. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back in some new form in the future!

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