Daily LoL #3: My New Love, Rumble

Today I had time to play just one game down in the Bunker at Adobe (yes, my workplace is that cool). Recently in the AHGL competitive games, I’ve been running Rumble in mid lane as opposed to top like I normally do. He seems like an odd champ for me to pick considering my mechanics for last hitting really suffered when I would only play the support role. Rumble’s kit simply doesn’t jive well with those who have trouble getting minion kills. However, my style as a utility player works extremely well with Rumble’s ultimate ability, that blessed Equalizer. In this match, I went up against a Lux who had the poke and harass to keep me down during the laning phase, but some clutch uses of my ultimate turned around a team fight on my mid-lane tower, scored a blind dragon kill when we had no chance to contest it, and secured a baron kill to drive the rest of the game. Fun times!

My new love: Rumble

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