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Daily LOL #2: Do ya’ feel lucky?

Even though I don’t post about my games every day, I do get a chance to play practically every day. This helps me practice and prepare for the Adobe team matches in the AHGL. I played this round today during lunch, and thus continued my branching out and playing different roles. I had hoped to make it through a promotion series to the Gold tier, and I still have enough time as of this writing, but we’ll see if I get enough wins in to make it happen.

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AHGL: Rockstar vs. Adobe

On Friday night Adobe (2-4) faced off against another AHGL League of Legends team with a winning record, this time versus Rockstar Games. They held a similar record (4-2) compared to Pipeworks, but their skill levels and coordination seemed to be a cut above most of their competition. I always feel a little apprehensive about playing against these companies that are gaming-centric, mainly because those employees are also gaming-centric and have a higher likelihood of being really good at the game. Spoilers to follow…

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AHGL: Adobe vs. Pipeworks

Last night team Adobe (1-4) played a best of one match versus Pipeworks (4-2). When doing research on the team, we were a bit surprised to see not a lot of experience come out from their players and yet they still had a winning record. But then we took a look at their opponents for the first four games, and it looks like they faced off against much weaker teams than what Adobe had to deal with. Spoilers to follow… Continue reading


Daily LoL #1: Nocturnal Surprise

To help me get back into writing more often, I’m going to force myself to write more about things I do daily. Since I’m actively participating in the AHGL for League of Legends (Adobe Team Captain!), I am practicing my skills on a regular basis to improve my team’s chances of winning money for charity. While I mainly focus on playing support, this game forced me into a Jungle role since I was close to last pick in the ranked queue (last pick means you fill out whatever roles need filling).

Feb 13 Nocturne WinOne of the reasons why I am generally good support is because I can play very well in reaction to thwart enemy aggression. Most other roles rely on good proactive plays to make things happen, especially with gankers like the jungle. Fortunately, I had a great duo queue partner in HaxsChao to set up some great gank opportunities. I went 5-0 pretty early on in the game, which let me rush a Warmog’s Armor and become virtually un-killable. It’s also funny to realize that I still do well in other roles besides support, even if it’s not my best role.



Never give up; always go right

When life comes at you again and again, you may feel like giving up from time to time. Encountering obstacles on the path to any major goal is a given, and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, difficulty, and despair can cripple you to a state of inaction. From one’s personal to professional life, inaction is the certain path to failure. Only by persistence, faith, and diligence do we ever have a hope of success. Continue reading