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Massive Epic Trance, Anyone?

A State of Trance recently released their 550th episode on March 7, 2012 from Moscow, Russia, and I must say that this is one epic piece of work. Almost one and half hours of nonstop music. My favorite part has got to be the piece by W&W at 24:47 in the track, so if you listen to any of it, listen to those four minutes there!

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The Versatile Violin

In light of my last post, it saddens me to think how little the art world considers of gaming. While I freely admit a large portion of gaming is sensationalized, I also believe the art community overly generalizes the medium and fails to recognize incredible work in gaming. Much can be said about science fiction and fantasy genres in the literary world. Authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and Orson Scott Card took advantage of these genres to create profound literary works, much like gaming does today.

The Sky from Skyrim

Not Art?

Malevich: Black Square


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