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Punish inaction, not failure

I enjoy volunteering in the local Scout Troop as a Crew Advisor to the young men. That being said, I am not so hardcore that I wear a uniform at every meeting, nor am I so lax that I like to push over rock formations in Goblin Valley just for kicks and giggles. I simply remember all the valuable life lessons I learned in Scouts and wanted to pay it forward by interacting with the local youth, encouraging them to develop responsibility and successful adult traits.

Yet one concerning theme I keep coming across in my interactions with these youth is something I call “Choice-averse” behavior. This goes well beyond the more commonly understood risk-averse nature some people tend to carry. These choice-averse natures don’t even play the game for fear of failure. It’s almost as if general expectations for youth have diminished to the point where society incentivizes inaction over pursuing any sort of serious challenge. But this issue isn’t present only among the younger generation…

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Walking While Working: An Experiment

For those of you that know me personally or follow me on my social feeds, you may have noticed pictures and posts regarding a recent undertaking of mine: walking while working. In a software-savvy job, there is little need to get up and move about during the course of a workday. Combine that with my hobbies in computers and video gaming, and you end up with a very sedentary lifestyle. The only chances I would get to move around would come on the weekend or special vacations. I am about a month into this new  initiative, and I feel I have enough data to share the motivation, tests, and results of my personal experiment thus far. In fact, this entire blog post has been written from a treadmill moving along at two miles per hour.

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Open Letter to the Workforce

(This soapbox rant comes as a result to some interesting feedback I received at work yesterday. Apparently, a couple of people had complained to the boss of my boss about the hours I keep and background entertainment I run on my machine. Whereas some people like to listen to music, sports radio, or some other form of entertainment in the background while they work, I prefer to run live streams of professional gamers—I imagine there are those that may misinterpret my background media as me playing games, but still. I also tend to work from home in the mornings to better fit with my work/life balance, and then I stay later than the average bear at the office when I come in. I was somewhat surprised that this came up, and thus I felt compelled to write this response. Hopefully, this will serve to benefit the understanding of those complainants as well as any other “normal” people in the workforce)

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Digital Home Overview

While I was out sick last week, I spent all of this week in downtown Salt Lake City attending the Adobe Summit for Digital Marketers. That is why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like to. But for those of you who wonder what my role as Product Manager means, part of the answer can be found in the presentation I attached below. I spent the week talking with customers and partners to evangelize the product and functionalities I am responsible for. One of those responsibilities is for the Digital Home, a vague yet intriguing area of growth. Set-top boxes, connected TVs, and video game consoles play huge roles in the media & entertainment industry, but you can already begin to see applications for all verticals as advertising becomes more prevalent on these platforms:

Two Major Updates for (alpha)

The initial response and usage of my tool has been fantastic! I am glad to see this service provide real value to those implementing SiteCatalyst on various platforms. While was originally designed for implementations on Digital Home devices, this tool can benefit developers for any platform, including standard web implementations! Today, I am excited to announce two awesome new features for this services: XML debugging support and in-browser SDR mapping!

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