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In the 1990s, it had been the right wing—particularly the far right—that was up in arms over police militarization. Recall the outrage on the right over Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the raid to seize Elián González. The left had largely either remained silent or even defended the government’s tactics in those cases. But the right-wing diatribes against jackbooted thugs and federal storm-troopers all died down once the Clinton administration left office, and they were virtually nonexistent after September 11, 2001. By the time cops started cracking heads at the Occupy protests, some conservatives were downright gleeful. The militarization of federal law enforcement certainly didn’t stop, but the 9/11 attacks and a friendly administration seemed to quell the conservatives’ concerns. So long as law enforcement was targeting hippie protesters, undocumented immigrants, suspected drug offenders, and alleged terrorist sympathizers, they were back to being heroes.

Just because legal and ethical overreach might coincide with your personal beliefs does not justify tolerating extrajudicial behavior.

The ends do not justify the means

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Ironic this quote comes from the very man scorned for his disagreements with popular opinion, and yet it is incredibly appropriate for the situation.

“America’s intellectual community has never been very bright. Or honest. They’re all sheep, following whatever the intellectual fashion of the decade happens to be. Demanding that everyone follow their dicta in lockstep. Everyone has to be open-minded and tolerant of the things they believe, but God forbid they should ever concede, even for a moment, that someone who disagrees with them might have some fingerhold on truth.”

—Card, Orson Scott (2009-11-30). Shadow of the Hegemon (The Shadow Series) (p. 176). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

I say long live the first amendment! Long live the true free exchange of ideas, opinions, and thought!


What frustrates me most about the religion of popular intellectualism

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Open Letter to the Workforce

(This soapbox rant comes as a result to some interesting feedback I received at work yesterday. Apparently, a couple of people had complained to the boss of my boss about the hours I keep and background entertainment I run on my machine. Whereas some people like to listen to music, sports radio, or some other form of entertainment in the background while they work, I prefer to run live streams of professional gamers—I imagine there are those that may misinterpret my background media as me playing games, but still. I also tend to work from home in the mornings to better fit with my work/life balance, and then I stay later than the average bear at the office when I come in. I was somewhat surprised that this came up, and thus I felt compelled to write this response. Hopefully, this will serve to benefit the understanding of those complainants as well as any other “normal” people in the workforce)

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Responsible Journalism

The unfortunate state of collusion within American journalism astounds me. I never realized how bad the situation really was until I saw this raw video feed captured prior to a press conference with Mitt Romney:

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Never give up; always go right

When life comes at you again and again, you may feel like giving up from time to time. Encountering obstacles on the path to any major goal is a given, and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, difficulty, and despair can cripple you to a state of inaction. From one’s personal to professional life, inaction is the certain path to failure. Only by persistence, faith, and diligence do we ever have a hope of success. Continue reading